{"id":"9","title":"Claus Bjorn Larsen","description":"Claus Bjorn Larsen\r\n
Born in 1963 in Holbek, Denmark, Claus graduated from high school in 1983 and started freelancing as a photographer. In 1984-5 he worked as a darkroom assistant at Ekstra Bladet and in 1986 Claus started his career with Berlingska Tidende as a student photographer. In 1989 Claus finished a Press Photographers course from the Danish School of journalism and is presently Chief Photographer at the Newspaper.\r\n
Claus has covered major international news stories such as the Intifada, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnian wars. He has covered the Tour de France 7 times as well as many major football matches throughout Europe.\r\n
Newspicture of the Year, Denmark. 1987\r\n
Photographer of the Year, Denmark. 1989\r\n
Picture of the Year, Denmark. 1993\r\n
Fuji Press Photographer of the Year. 1993\r\n
Portrait of the Year, Denmark. 1994\r\n
Sportspicture of the Year, Denmark. 1997\r\n
Newspicture of the Year, Denmark. 1998\r\n
World Press Photo of the Year. 1999\r\n
World Press Photo, People in the News, 3rd Prize Stories. 1999\r\n
Visa D\u2019or Daily News.1999\r\n
P.O.Y. Global News, single & stories 1st prize, 1999\r\n
Fuji Press Photographer of the Year, Europe. 1999\r\n
World Press Photo, Honorable Mention. 2000\r\n
Photographer of the Year, Denmark. 2003","picture":"photographers-cl-portraitnw-1443273156.jpg","photos":[{"title":"","title_safe":"50","price":"16700","image_code":"BWCL001","picture":"photos-bwcl001-1443272698.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"51","price":"18500","image_code":"BWCL002","picture":"photos-bwcl002-1443272563.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"53","price":"14800","image_code":"BWCL003","picture":"photos-bwcl003-1443272526.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"54","price":"14800","image_code":"BWCL004","picture":"photos-bwcl004-1443272477.jpg"}]}