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Eddy van Wessel started out as a commercial photographer, but soon started\r\ntravelling Asia and changed to photojournalism.

\r\nHis first conflict photography started with the Balkan wars and this developed\r\nduring the Chechen war 1994\/2003, during that period he gained a reputation as\r\na conflict photographer, working for the leading international media.<\/p>

\r\nSince 2003 Van Wessel's focus is at the middle east, this started with the Coalition\r\nforces invasion of Iraq 2003, during the years he kept going back to see the\r\nchanges, and currently covering the struggle against the so called Islamic State.<\/p>

\r\nVan Wessel approach is involved and close up, using black and white images, and\r\npanoramic images. Most of his work is still on analog film. His goal is to\r\nrecord the emotion of the moment, giving his work a personal signature. It is\r\nthe emotion, more than the sharp details, that is in focus in Eddy\u2019s work.<\/p>

\r\nEddy van Wessel was awarded with the \"Silver Camera award\" for his\r\nwork in Iraq. Eddy van Wessel records life during conflict as today\u2019s news, but\r\nrealizes that these moments fade into a visual history of a region and its\r\npeople, his goal is to record for historical reasons.<\/p>


In 2013 he won the prestigious award for his work in Aleppo, Syria. <\/p>

He has received twice the \u201cPress photographer of the year\" award,\r\nin 1999 and in 2004 for his Chechnya and Iraq work, respectively. <\/p>

His work is recently bundled in a photo book \"The Edge of\r\nCivilization\".<\/p>\r\n\r\n

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