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I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident when I was 18. As an apprentice steelworker I couldn't return to work for almost a year, so I bought a camera to keep myself occupied. Two years later I took on my first professional freelance assignment and I've never looked back since.<\/p>


In my career I've photographed or filmed most types of events, from the most beautiful weddings to the abominations of war. My work has taken me to fabulous Swiss castles, Latin American festivals and the endless plains of Africa. Sometimes the most delightful places have been overwhelmed by dreadful circumstance but, ironically, it is in those times that the grace and strength of the human spirit will shine through. My job is to capture and show those moments when they happen, that we can see ourselves as others see us - and also to preserve those times for the next generation, that they might know us for who we were.<\/p>\r\n<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n<\/tbody>\r\n<\/table>