{"id":"2","title":"Jon Jones","description":"Born in Uganda in 1964. Jon graduated in Photojournalism in the UK in 1985 and joined The Independent in 1988 as a freelance photographer. In 1991 he left the Independent for the Photo Agency Sygma and covered the wars in the former Yugoslav Republics where his photographs where publish in the world\u2019s leading news magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Life and Stern. During the 90\u2019s Jon\u2019s passion for covering war and current affairs has taken him to the Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Zaire, South Africa, Georgia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Chechnya, Russia, and Sri Lanka and to the Middle East covering Israel, Iran and the 1991 Gulf War. \r\n
Jon began shooting TV news in 1999 when he covered the Kosovo conflict for the BBC.\r\n
Presently based in Washington DC, Jon is freelancing for Television News and taking on assignments in photojournalism and advertising.","picture":"photographers-jj-portraitnw-1439825739.jpg","photos":[{"title":"Dubrovnik Burning","title_safe":"dubrovnik-burning10","price":"11100","price_eur":"1500","image_code":"BWJJ001","picture":"photos-bwjj001-1443268207.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"11","price":"9300","price_eur":"1250","image_code":"BWJJ002","picture":"photos-bwjj002-1443268046.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"12","price":"9300","price_eur":"1250","image_code":"BWJJ003","picture":"photos-bwjj003-1443268010.jpg"},{"title":"Dirty Laundry","title_safe":"dirty-laundry13","price":"9300","price_eur":"1250","image_code":"BWJJ004","picture":"photos-bwjj004-1443267978.jpg"}]}