{"id":"19","title":"Gali Tibbon","description":"Gali Tibbon was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1973, where she is presently based as a photographer for Agency France Press. Gali majored in documentary photography in 1999 at The Jerusalem School of Photography, and was a staff photographer for the Jerusalem based photo agency ZOOM 77 covering the daily news in Jerusalem and the West Bank. In 2000 she began working for Agency France Press, and has covered the 2nd Palestinian uprising from its very beginning, the violence of both the Palestinian suicide bombers and the Israeli military incursions. Though most of her reportage documents the daily lives and developments in Jerusalem and the Israeli occupied West Bank, her work has taken her on assignments in Turkey, Cuba, Egypt and Ukraine. Gali's images have been published worldwide in magazines such as Paris-Match, Stern, Newsweek, Time and many other publications in the daily press.\r\n
Tel Aviv, Israel, \"Local Testimony\" the best of Israeli photojournalism in 2003\/4. (group)\r\n
Tel Aviv - America-Israel Cultural Foundation \"Artic\" 4 & 3 in 2001\/2 (group)\r\n
Fototeca in Havana, Cuba, \"International Young Documentary Photography\" 2000 (group)\r\n
Jerusalem Artist's House Gallery and the Eli Lemberger Museum of Photography in Tel-Hai, Israel. 1999 (group)\r\n
8th International Photojournalism Festival in Gijon, Spain. \"Fenced in Locked Out: a people in the shadow of Concrete\" 2004 (solo)\r\n
Awards & Scholarships:\r\n
1999: The Jerusalem Mayor Award for Photography.\r\n
2000: The Eddie Adams Workshop Barnstorm XIII. New York, U.S.A\r\n
2000: America Israel Cultural Foundation, Sharett Scholarship Program in\r\n
Photography for 2000\/1\r\n
2001: America Israel Cultural Foundation, Sharett Scholarship Program in \tPhotography for 2001\/2 \r\n
Gali was documented at work in the French film \"Mirrors of War\", a documentary about Israeli and Palestinian photographers covering the conflict they live in.\r\n