The Human Price of War / Maria Turchenkova

Two years of conflict in Yemen have devastated the country, 18 million people are in need of humanitarian help. It is the largest food security emergency in the world. The UN says more than 7,600 people - mostly civilians - have been killed and some 42,000 others injured since the conflict between forces loyal to exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi supported by Saudi-led coalition and those allied to the Houthi rebel movement escalated in March 2015.

Maria Turchenkova was one of very few journalists who entered the country during this period and her photography affords us an insight into the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen, one which remains absent from the international emergency agenda and mainstream media.

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Reference: Proposal for photographic exhibition The Human Price or War: Yemen

Photographs by text by Maria Turchenkova

Definition: A look at the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, due to the civil war and Saudi Arabian bombardment.

Exhibit specifications:

59 colour photographs: prints, (matt black wooden frames, no glass)

44 @Paper 73.2 x 53.7 cm (Image W=60 cm)

10@Paper 85 x 60 cm (Image H=50 cm)

5@Paper 113.2 x 80 cm (Image W=100 cm)

text panels (5 - unframed), main intro, bio & map

(panels are in English) available translations French, Italian, German, Spanish, Croatian

Space Desired: 50 linear meters

Date and venue of previous shows:

War Photo Limited; Dubrovnik, Croatia - 2017

Print Sales: 5 prints from the exhibit are available as Limited Editions


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