Land of Cush / Cedric Gerbehaye

Sudan, the largest country in Africa, has just gone through a significant moment in its history. In January 2005, a peace agreement between North and South Sudan put an end to the longest civil war in Africa, with a death toll estimated at two million. The Final March to Freedom, i.e. the years of change as named by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) from the south, ended with the referendum for self-determination held in January 2011. And now, as of July 9, the date set for independence, the South holds control of 80% of oil reserves in Sudan, yet it is still one of the world’s poorest, least developed countries.

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Reference: Proposal for photographic exhibition Land of Cush

Photographs by text by Cedric Gerbehaye 

Definition: South Sudan gains independence but is unable to shake the ethnic violence that has troubled the region for decades

Exhibit specifications:

40 photographs: prints, (matt black wooden frames, no glass) 

28 color prints 74 cm x 54 cm (image size 60 x 45cm)

10 color prints 85 cm x 60 cm (image size 75 x 56cm)

2 color prints 134 x 60 cm (image size 125 x 50cm)

Main intro, Bio and Captions available translations English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

Space Desired: 60  linear meters 

Date and venue of previous shows: 

War Photo Limited; Dubrovnik, Croatia - 2015 

Crate Sizes (approx.)

Crate 1 = 72 x 85 x 65 cm  - 30kgs

Crate 2 = 100 x 75 x 65 cm  - 40kgs

Crate 3 = 150 x 70 x 12 cm  - 10kgs


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